Day 5- 21st May

Finally, the last day of our China Trip! We visited the Shanghai Science and Technology Centre early on Friday morning, we were even among the first patrons for the day.

 After lunch, it was time to set off for the Shanghai Pu Dong Airport, we went to the Maglev Train station and had a really ‘fast and furious’ experience. The speed of the train went up to 431km/hr and we reached the airport in no time.


Goodbye Shanghai! We were happy to reunite with our family, yet sad to leave this pleasant journey behind us.

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Day 4- 20th May

It had been an eventful day. During our last few hours of lessons at Shunhu Experimental School, the teachers and pupils set aside a special time for some interaction. We presented a special performance for our hosts and exchanged some gifts with our buddies. Many other pupils also had tokens or gifts for us and we were really touched by their warm gesture. We felt really sad when we bidded farewell to them after lunch.

Like our peers in Singapore, we paid a special tribute to the late Dr Goh Keng Swee by observing a minute of silence. We also made a special trip to the Singapore consulate-general in Shanghai to write in the condolence book.

Next, we visited 上海城隍庙 to experience the lively atmosphere in the old town and all of us had time to do a bit of shopping.

Finally, the highlight of the day was our trip to 上海东方明珠。 The view of the whole Shanghai city from the observatory area on the tower was simply breath-taking! 

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Day 3- 19th May

This is our 2nd day having lessons at Shunhu Experimental School, and we arrived at the school with much enthusiasm. We started the day early by joining our friends in the classrooms and we witnessed how they assembled at the parade square for the morning exercise.


After our lessons, the highlight of the day is a visit to the Silk Factory in Suzhou, and our tour guide gave a very detailed explanation of how silk products are made from the silkworms.

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Day 2- 18th May

After a good night’s sleep, we were ready to begin our learning journey at Shunhu Experimental School. We arrived at the school around 8am and our hosts gave us a really warm welcome. We attended the flag raising ceremony and were impressed by the order and discipline demonstrated by the China pupils during the mass exercise.

 We attended a short welcome ceremony and were split into 6 different classes to attend the lessons. Our friendly China hosts led us to the school’s canteen for lunch after 3 lessons in the morning, we also found out that the school catered lunch for all pupils and all of them have lunch from  1130am-1230pm daily. After lunch, pupils have some free time to interact and complete their school work before the afternoon lessons.


We left the school to visit the 同里水乡in the afternoon. It is an ancient town with much life and activity surrounding the Yangtze river. Some of the buildings there were built in the Qing Dynasty and we learnt a lot more about their unique architectural design after visiting a private garden named 退思园。

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Information for parents

All of us had arrived safely at Suzhou and so far everything had went on really well. As we will begin our exchange programme at Shunhu Experimental Primary School from tomorrow onwards, parents are advised to contact your child after 10pm as they will be busy with debrief and programme briefing.

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Day 1- 17th May

It’s been a really long day! First of all, we gathered at Changi Airport Terminal 3 the night before (2300hrs) and everyone was punctual. After a 5 hour flight, we reached Shanghai at 630am this morning, we toured around the city before we head for Suzhou after lunch. During the bus ride into the city, we also passed the Shanghai World Expo area, it was really an exciting moment as we saw the Singapore Pavilion from the highway. This is a candid group photo taken outside the 7-storey high 上海书城 where most of us bought some Chinese books.

We sat with our group members and demonstrated teamwork when having our meals during the trip. We had breakfast once we arrived at Shanghai city, and it was time for lunch again after the trip to the book store. We felt really well-fed the whole day!

We arrived at Suzhou after a 2hour bus ride from Shanghai, we took some group photographs at 金鸡湖 which is inside the 新加坡苏州工业园 area. The local tour guide informed us that MM Lee Kuan Yew selected this area for development many years back as he liked the view from the lake. The scenery and weather was really nice there.

We visited the “盘门三景”,a well-perserved historical area in Suzhou.

It is David’s birthday today! Our kind Singapore tour guide brought a cake from Singapore just to give him a pleasant surprise.

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Suzhou Weather Forecast for the next few days

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